I’ll be honest and tell you that I wished for a girl when my brother told me his wife was expecting their first child. I had visions of dressing this little baby up in the cutest girly clothes and tutus for our photo shoots. It turned out to be a boy, his name is Andy. I’m slightly disappointed at not being able to dress him in pink, but the little boy melted me nonetheless. This proud aunty can’t help but take photos of him.

New born babies are just special. Only in the world for a short while, but a personality already shines through. I love the way he sucks madly on his fingers, and turns his head to where he thinks food is when he’s hungry. I love the way he sleeps with his hands on his face. I especially love the smell of a newborn.

Here’s the first photos of Andy in Melbourne – 3 days old. There will be more to come : )

Ethan looks at little baby

Little Andy gets a bath - baby bath

Little baby feet - Newborn

Baby Photography in Melbourne

Cousin kisses little baby - Love!

By Souri

Hi, I’m Souri – Welcome to our photo world! I’m so excited to be able to share with you some of the beautiful images which I have captured.