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A styled fashion and portrait session with Emily

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We love taking portraits and are always looking for ways to refine our photography skills. This involves going out there for some personal creative time with our models and finding ways to take the best images. Posing our subjects and knowing their best angles is an important part of photo taking. Having a beautiful model in front of our lenses does not mean that we’re guaranteed a great picture. We still have the job of directing them to do what is needed for the look that we’re trying to achieve. This helps tremendously when it comes to directing our clients, who aren’t models, on their photo shoots.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography in Melbourne is something which we’re always aiming to produce consistently. Creating mood-filled images which evoke emotion is what excites us. Needless to say, when we discovered the Petzval Art Series lenses, we were super excited. These lenses were just what we needed to make our images that much more special. They’re not for everyone. Some photographers really dislike them. Sharpness is not a selling point for these lenses. They produce dreamy photos with amazing background radial blur.

Petzval lenses – Lomography

Our first purchase was the Petzval 85mm 2.2 lens. It’s a portrait lens, much cheaper than our 85mm 1.2 lens but it produces some special shots. For this shoot, I styled my model up in a gorgeous white (bridal-like) dress. We headed off to a spot at Ruffey Lake Park, which is close to where we are located. We’ve shot at this location a couple of times previously, but never in spring before. The place looked magical with all the white spring flowers around. Ideally, we would have liked some blossoms as a backdrop but the rain had ruined them that week. The white flowers (I think they’re from the Snow Drops variety) worked just fine.

Petzval 85mm 2.2 lens – Creative Melbourne Photographer

The Petzval 85mm 2.2 lens gives a much gentler radial blur compared to our new 58mm 1.9 lens. You do need very steady hands to get anything sharp with this lens and the right background is required and foreground is not necessary for the dreamy effect. I’ve used this lens in bright sunshine, in overcast weather and with the sunset behind my model. Bright sunshine is probably my least favourite light situation when it comes to using this lens. This Petzval 85mm produces amazing lens flare at sunset. The background swirl is lovely for an artistic portrait.

This photo shoot with is just divine. It’s a scene which we’d be happy to take a couple for a photo shoot who want something amongst nature. The rock face make the scene seem like it’s somewhere in the wilderness but it’s actually very close to a densely populated area so it’s going to appeal to those who don’t want to travel far. There’s so many other lovely spots surrounding this area if we were wanting a bit of variety.

Hope you enjoy these images as much as we do. Maybe they inspire you to get out there to get creative. Maybe you might want to contact us to discuss your own magical photo session with us.

Model: Emily Mitchell
Dress: Thurley

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  • madhu chandra

    Hello! Can I please ask where this location is?

    • Andreas

      We sent you an email 🙂

  • Wade Davidson

    This is a spectacular photo shoot. What a great use of a Petzval lens. I may have to consider giving this a go for some of my more adventurous clients!

    • Andreas

      Thanks a lot.

      You definitely need a bit more time for your shoots. We love both Petzval lenses … the 58 and 85. The 58 creates more radial blur and is a bit more versatile. The 85 performs stellar in backlight situations and portraits. Both require a suitable background to be able to create the radial blur. Lots of fun tom play with.

      Get one 🙂

      • Wade Davidson

        I’m definitely going to look in to it. Do you have any particular place you would recommend for picking one up?

      • Andreas

        You find sometimes good deals on ebay or facebook sales groups :-). We got ours from the Kickstarter and the other one from filmneverdie in Melbourne.