Melbourne CBD Wedding

Prahan Hotel - Fed Square - Quat Quatta

What a wonderful wedding to photograph in the Melbourne CBD. Lots of different and beautiful locations throughout the day kept us on the go – Prahran Hotel, Federation Square and Quat Quatta.

Federation Square Wedding Photos

Federation square in the Melbourne CBD gave us a wonderful and bold backdrop for wedding photos. It’s always a challenge in the daytime with the bright sun and lots of people at Melbourne’s meeting point – but you always find a spot for great wedding photos.

Quat Quatta Wedding Photographer

Quat Quatta is a very stylish wedding venue in Melbourne. We loved shooting here and there are lots of great opportunities for photos during the day and night. The gardens and hedges give wonderful backdrops to do a full wedding photoshoot here when you don’t have the time to travel.

Enjoy the wedding photos.

Wedding photography in the suburbs of Melbourne

Blossom Tree at wedding

Wedding details - luxury weddings in Melbourne

Groom getting ready - Jacket with simple background - Photo in Melbourne

Groom at Melbouren Wedding - Pre Wedding Photos in Melbourne

The Wedding Dress - Luxury weddings in Melbourne

Make Up Session

Bride getting ready

Bridesmaids helping the bride

2 doors and the bride

bride walking from her room to meet the father

wedding cards - emotion and love at Melbourne weddings captured by Melbourne Photographer

Volkswagen Van Bulli at Weddings in Melbourne

Melbourne City sign

Prahran Hotel - Wedding venue in Melbourne

Bride gets out of the car - father helps the bride

Prahran Hotel - Wedding entrance of the bride

Father meets the bride to walk her down the aisle at the Prahran Hotel Wedding Venue

wedding guests at the prahran hotel

Groom excited and waiting for the bride at the ceremony in Melbourne - Captured by Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography in Melbourne

Prahran Hotel Wedding Ceremony


aerial shot at wedding ceremony

love and laughter at melbourne wedding in prahran

celebrant at melbourne wedding


wedding couple holding hands

contemporary wedding decoration at ceremony - flowers and sticky tape

beautiful bride with contemporary flower backdrop

Wedding Couple in love

Best creative wedding photos in Melbourne

Photographing emotion and fun at weddings - unposed

creative, fun and stylish wedding photographer in Melbourne

Stylish Wedding Photographer in Melbourne

Modern Wedding Photographer in Melbourne

Wedding Photos in Melbourne

Bride at Prahran Hotel

Sun setting at wedding at Praharan Hotel - Best wedding photography in Melbourne

Driver of Wedding car

Fed Square - Federation Square Wedding Photos

Getting out of the car

Wedding Couple at Fed Square in Melbourne CBD

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen - Creative wedding photography in Melbourne at Federation Square - Melbourne CBD

Best Melbourne Wedding Photos - Melbourne CBD

Modern Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Contemporary Wedding Photos

Wedding at Federation Square in Melbourne CBD photographed by Melbourne Photographer

Fedearion Square Wedding Couple - Photographer in Melbourne

Wedding Dress at Fed Square

Wedding couple - close

Unposed weddings in Melbourne

Stylish Wedding photographer in melbourne

Luxury Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Best Quat Quatta Wedding Photographer

Simple Wedding Photography at Quat Quatta

Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Minimalistic Wedding Photos in Melbourne

Colourful weddings in Melbourne

Wedding deco at Quat Quatta - Wedding function venue in Melbourne - Photography by freshphotography

Wedding entrance at Quat Quatta - Melbourne


First Dance at Quat Quatta - Wedding Photographer in Melbourne

Quat Quatta Wedding Photographer -- First Dance

Quat Quatta Wedding Photographer - Emotion

Quat Quatta Wedding Photography

Best Wedding Photos at Quat Quatta - Melbourne Wedding Photographer - Nighttime

Nighttime wedding photography in Melbourne