Santa Klaus – Christmas Kiteboarding from Brighton to St Kilda

Kitesurfing Santa

Klaus and his friends met for annual Kiteboarding – Santa Downwinder from Brighton Beach to St Kilda Beach. Dressed up as Santa Claus they got on their boards and zoomed down to St Kilda. What a fun photo session …

One of the Santas – Lennie will soon cross the cross the bay on Australia Day, raising funds for the Cancer Council.

Merry Christmas!

St Kilda Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing with Santa

Brighton Crazy Kiteboard Santa

Bright Beach Santa

Summer Beach Santa

Kitesurfing Santa

Kitesurfing Santas

Kite Santa jumping

Christmas Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing with Santa

Melbourne Kiteboard photography

Santa Claus goes Kitesurfing in Melbourne

Kiteboard Action

Santa Downwinder - Brighton - St Kilda - Melbourne

Couch Surfing