When you get a gorgeous couple to photograph on a beautiful Autumn day, you let the light shower them and capture the scene. Lens flare and beautiful light bokeh give a very romantic took to photography. It’s a style which we love and want to produce a lot more of. This style is what we call fine art photography.

Bohemian Wedding Photography – Styled Photo Shoot

Crystal and Tom are a Melbourne real-life couple who star in our ‘Bohemian Dream’ photoshoot. On this shoot, we used an art lens (Petzval 85mm 2.2) to create lots of lens flare and dreaminess. A large dreamcatcher dancing in the wind was all we needed to help us create a bohemian scene. Crystal wore a whimsical dress, with a floral crown of Baby’s Breath and native flowers. The bouquet is comprised of the same flowers. Baby’s Breath (also known as Gypsophila) is a simple, yet very stylish flower which has always been a favourite of brides. For a Bohemian style outfit, flat shoes were called for and Crystals shell-encrusted sandals were just perfect.

The day was beautiful and the sun shone in the right places for us that day. Sunshine is always preferable when making beautiful photos as it helps us create some dreaminess. When the sun doesn’t want to shine, don’t worry as we have secret ways off making a photoshoot dreamlike. Our photography isn’t just about taking the photos, we work through each one with editing tools to make them special.

Couples photoshoot – Engagement Photography

These styled wedding photoshoots are not just for brides and grooms or engaged couples, they’re for anyone who thinks that their love for each other is worth eternalising in pictures. These photoshoots are also for those who simply want editorial style photos for themselves. We’re open to locations and styling ideas but will assist you to achieve the best look for you.

petzval 85mm lens flare sample - best wedding photography lens

lens flare - style and crative wedding - petzval lens

boho bouquet at Melbourne wedding

best boho style wedding in Melbourne - Wedding Photographer from Melbourne captures beautiful bride at wedding


melbourne boho styled wedding

bohemian wedding photography melboune

boho wedding in Melbourne - Kew Wedding

Gorgeous couple on their wedding day - boho inspired wedding photography

boho lace wedding photography


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