It was lots of fun documenting this wedding in a photojournalistic style. It’s not often you experience so many crazy and fun venues in one wedding … from getting ready near the house from the movie the castle, a basketball game in the laneways of Melbourne, a rustic music venue (Bakehouse Studios) a wonderful a 8 piece band to create the most amazing wedding atmosphere at the function. Perfect for some candid wedding photography in Melbourne!

Wedding Photos at the Castle House in Melbourne (Essendon Airport)

The bride was getting ready close to Essendon airport near the house of the Australian movie “The castle”. The house was getting sold that week (only the house … not the land) and it was one of the last chances to see the house on it’s original spot right next to the fence of Essendon Airport. Of course we had to venture out and walk down the street to get some quick shots.

Candid wedding photography in Melbourne

The couple met for the first time in one of the funky laneways in Melbourne. A coffee at Long Street Cafe in Richmond and shooting some basketball hoops with the bridal team. Lots of fun and plenty of chances to get some candid wedding photos. I can’t remember if the boys or girls one … but for sure they had lots of fun. Such a relaxed atmosphere at a wedding makes it easy to snap some photographs without much posing and direction … a photojournalistic approach to document the big day.

Bakehouse Studios in Richmond – Candid wedding photography

The ceremony and function venue was just a few meters away in the Bakehouse Studios. What a venue! Lots of atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for candid wedding photos. The venue with the stage is upstairs but alone the entrance area with all he plant pots is an amazing view. Stage lights, a 8 piece band (Horns of Leroy), plenty of singing (wow … got me goose bumps), lots of dancing and great catering made a perfect combination for a wonderful night.

Fun and relaxed wedding photography

Enjoy the images. It’s always difficult to select the wedding photos for the blog as it is just not possible to showcase all. Telling a fun and relaxed wedding story with images. 🙂
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getting ready - castle house

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bridesmaids getting ready - wedding photographer documents the day

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castle house in melbourne - used as wedding photo backdrop before it got sold in 2017

wedding photos at the iconic and famous house from the movie the castle before it got sold

tree and sky

cactus modern and urban cafe

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wedding rings

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playing basketball at fun and rad wedding - photos in melbourne laneway

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horns of leroy

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mirror ball

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dance dance dance

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bride gets a make up touch up in the bridal suite

bride and groom giving their speech on stage at a wedding in melbourne

in love - bride and groom in nighttime photoshoot


bakehouse studios in richmond - wedding venue photographer

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