Furry friends, a cute couple, a light filled home and a local park to walk the dog. The perfect recipe for a fun and relaxed couples photoshoot in Melbourne.

A dog (which was first afraid and then hyperactive) and cat (which ignored me totally) made this photoshoot a bit of a challenge – I am not a pet photographer. The beautiful designed home had lots of little surprises (such as a mini museum) and made it lots of fun to photograph the cute couple.

It’s like documenting life – preserving the status quo in pictures and creating memories. We all do this with our phones and capture moments – and it’s  to important to document these little moments.  (so when you are travelling don’t photograph the sights and landscape – snap your loved ones).

To photograph in a home it is important to have a sunny day and lots of diffused light through the windows – Melbourne summer … easy!  The hyperactive dog inspired me to do a moving gif – he was just too fast running and dancing around. Cute crazy dog. After he ran out of energy we took him to the local park to capture a few outdoor shots.

Thanks for a fun photoshoot … 🙂

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