When we decided to become wedding and event photographers, we knew we’d throw everything we had into it. We’re continually striving to be the best photographers which we can be, which means that we’re shooting a lot – even in our free time. That’s what it’s going to take to be the best in the business. There is also that innate passion for what we do. Producing stunning images for our clients gives us a lot of excitement and pride.

Creative Photography

Sometimes, the photos which we produce for ourselves gives us great creative satisfaction. That’s why it is so worth it to organise these shoots. Wish we had more time for personal work, but it always takes some organisation. We’re also super particular with the models and locations which we choose for the shoots. Georgia, our model for this shoot, came all the way from Queensland. She was down for the Melbourne Cup Carnival and made time to model for us.

Petzval – Photography Magic for commercial shoots in Melbourne

The Petzval art series lenses are new additions to our selection of photography tools. We’re loving the artistic images which they produce. There’s our Petzval 85mm 2.0, the Petzval 58mm 2.2 and our achromat lens. These lenses don’t appeal to a lot of photographers because they don’t produce the standard type of images. Photographers who want to add a bit of an artistic edge to their images will love it. The images don’t come out sharp in most cases, and the Petzval lenses create an amazing circular blur around the subject. These type of images don’t appeal to everyone but we love the look! There is so much depth and mood in these types of images, which almost seem as if they are moving!

We’ve had mixed reactions to our new found approach to photography. Thankfully, most people are loving it. Photography appeals so differently to each individual and we’re glad to be able to produce styles which appeal to a broad clientele base. Being versatile also sets us apart from other photographers who stick with the norm. The bottom line is that we’re loving what we’re producing with our new lenses and will continue to refine our skills in using them.

Photography in Melbourne CBD

For this shoot, we chose St. Patricks Cathedral in Melbourne’s CBD. On a trip into the city the previous week, I discovered a group of gorgeous blossom trees in full bloom on the grounds of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This was exactly what I was after for the photoshoot with my model, Georgia. It rained and it shined on us that day. Then, as we were so engrossed in producing such beautiful photos, we missed the hints that the security guard was giving us about him locking up the gates to the Cathedral! Before we realised it, we were locked inside the Cathedral grounds. At first, we thought that they must have left a gate open somewhere for us to exit through. After walking all the way around the Cathedral, we realised that we had no way out!

Panic set in for a few moments until Georgia’s inner tom-boy came out and she started to climb the fence. There were spikes on the fence posts which had me so worried that she could possibly impale herself! Fortunately, that didn’t happen and, with a busload of Asian tourists watching, we both found our way onto the public side of the fence. Wow, what an experience! Surely the security guard, who clearly saw us there, could have come and asked us to leave! Maybe he was having fun watching us work our way out of that predicament from somewhere afar.

The photos turned out special. It was worth getting locked in to get these images. Hope you like them!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

girl dancing in park with floating skirt photographed by melbourne photographer in the melbourne cbd

flowers photographed creativly

pretty girl with long hair infront of flowers in melbourne


melbourne girl at commercial photoshoot iwith flowers and creative petzval lenses

pretty blossoms

beautiful photograhy in melbourne - commericial photos - girl with flowers

blossom trees photos in pink and white