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The elephants are out in Melbourne. You might have seen one or more of the 50 baby elephant statues around the Melbourne CBD. Why are there so many elephants? What are they doing there? Don’t we usually have koalas and kangaroos in Australia?

No … it’s Mali … the baby elephant. The Melbourne Zoo celebrates 150 years and got together 50 artist-designed elephants throughout the Melbourne CBD. The elephants stay in the Melbourne city from the 10th August 2012 to September 21st. After that the whole elephant herd will gather in the Melbourne Zoo. All the baby elephants will then be auctioned off on the 25th October.

Spot all the Melbourne Mali elephants

The beautiful life-size sculptures of Mali (the Asian baby elephant of the Melbourne Zoo which was born 2 years ago – the most famous elephant calf of the Melbourne Zoo) are easy to spot everywhere in the Melbourne city. It is a free art event for the whole family. It is great fun to find all the elephants and discover the city. You will need some time.

It is hard to spot them all on one day … but you can manage when you start early. Make sure you take your time – don’t rush … these elephants are too beautiful for just a quick look.

Wild in Art Logo - Melbourne Elephants - Mali in the city

The whole event is run in conjuction with Wild in Art. They have engaged three-time Archibald Prize finalist, artist David Bromley to be the program’s Art Patron. Wild in Art is UK based and organises these type of “Animals in the city” events. Great idea!

Andreas loves elephants. Usually we shoot weddings and portraits but we decided to go out and shoot a few elephants (Update: We love them so much … so we decided to cover them all) … no not really shooting them … only with our camera. Just for fun.

Melbourne Elephants


The Mali Elephant iPhone App – find all the Melbourne elephants

We equipped ourselves with the Melbourne Zoo Mali iPhone App – which is of great help to find and keep track of all the Malis. You can tick all the found elephants and can unlock little prizes. The locations of the elephants are pretty accurate and easier to find with the build in navigation and GPS. Make sure you charge your phone as the constant GPS usage drains your battery. You can only tag an elephant when you very close it.

The iPhone app is available for free and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to go elephant hunting.

We realized at a few times that the iphone App crashes when you use the map search functionality … also 1 elephant is located wrong on the map. We managed to tag all the elephants except 3 unverified (we were there but the app did not work 🙁 … so we can’t tell you what happens when you tagged them all … let us know when you find out.). But we have all the 50 Mali in our camera and that is far more important.

Iphone App makes finding the elephants in melbourne easymelbourne map search for the elephants in the city - Where are they?

The alternative is a printed map which was available in the Herald Sun last weekend or you can use the Melbourne Zoo google map … find it here (Update: No longer available)

Mali in my School – Elephants throughout Victoria

Mali in the city is not the only program. There is also Mali in my school. 55 Mini Malis are sent to Victorian schools for the kids to design. We would love to see these elephants … we expect some amazing designs. Kids have so much creativity. There will be an exhibition in the Melbourne Zoo from the 22 September – 14 October.

And here they are – THE ELEPHANTS:

Our aim is to have beautiful photos of all the Malis in Melbourne. We are  working on the photos at the moment and will upload soon more :-0. We still finalize the shoot on Sunday … so please come back and you will see more beautiful elephant pictures. You can find a little Mali preview on our Facebook Page.

Update 12/08/2012 9pm: We are just back from a second day Mali photoshoot. Even more walking to find more elephants. We found them all !!! Yeah !!! You will see soon more pictures.

Update 14/08/2012: Our facebook gallery is now complete … there is a picture of every elephant sculpture. Make sure you like and share it. We still have lots of elephant pictures to upload here on this post. Come back to see them all …

Update 16/08/2012: We decided to split up the post as there are just too many elephants. We found them all! At the bottom of this post you find the link to the next galleries … make sure you check them out. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Update 19/08/2012: The 3 blog posts are completed. We uploaded all pictures of all 50 Malis. 🙂 Enjoy. And don’t forget to like and share … to show the world our beautiful Malis.

Where are the Elephants in Melbourne?

01 No Ordinary Elephant

by Nicole Slater (sponsored by Melbourne Storm) at Crown Casino

Mali in Melbourne

Mali Melbourne Elephant

02 Kevin Presley

by Steve Monk (sponsored by equipsuper) at Batman Park

The elephants are out in Melbourne ... find them all

Beautiful elephants in Melbourne CBD at Crown Casino

03 Mali self portrait

by Mali the Elephant at Southbank

Melbourne cbd - Mali self portrait - The elphant mali painted this elephant himself

Mali self portrait - he is an artist

04 Elephantasy

by Elise Martinson (sponsored by VicSuper) at Queensbridge Square, Southbank

Celebrating Melbourne Zoo 150 years - Wild in Art

Flinders Street Station in the background with a Mali Elephant in Melbourne

05 Rusty Mali

by Russ Brebner (sponsored by Cookers) at Melbourne City – Chinatown

Rusty Mali - Our favourite elephant in Melbourne

Mali Sculpture

06 City in Mali

by Ralf Kempken (sponsored by Lite’n Easy) at Melbourne CBD , Swanston Street

City in Mali - Elephant Melbourne

07 Faunaphant

by Sarah Hogan (sponsored by Eureka Skydeck) at Eureka Tower

08 Urban Jungle Mali

by Jake Latimer (sponsored by Mitchell – Family Office) at Les Erdi Plaza

09 Mirka’s Mali

by Mirka Mora (sponsored by Schweppes)

Why are there elephants in the Melbourne CBD?

10 Mali’s Dreaming

by Judy Nicholson (sponsored by Wurundjeri Tribe Land & Compaensation Cultural Heritage Council Inc.) at Birrarung Marr with the MCG – Melbourne Cricket Ground

Elephants are in Melbourne - MCG

 11 Jimbo – Mali Elephant

by Janie Fearon (sponsored by Boston Consulting Group) at Federation Square Melbourne

Mali Elephant at Federation Square

Fed Square Elephants

12 Eltham Copper Butterfly Story

by Karen Rawady (sponsored by Healsville Sactuary) at Royal Botanic GardensMali in Melbourne

Mali in the Botanic Gardens Melbourne - Elephant

We love Elephants ... We love Mali ... We love Melbourne

13 Elephas Maximus

by Sharon Muir (sponsored by Gribbles Veterinary) at Royal Botanic Gardens

Elephants in Melbourne

Botanic Gardens Melbourne - Elephants

14 Pond dreaming

by David Higgins (sponsored by Melbourne Zoo) at Royal Children’s Hospital

Art in Melbourne - What are the elephants doing in Melbourne?

Elephants in the Royal Childrens Hospital - Photography Melbourne

Elephant Melbourne

Mali The Elephant - 150 years Melbourne Zoo

15 Jingle

by Jessica Rae (sponsored by Streets) close to the Shrine

Update: 22/08/2012 Mali maintenance is currently taking place!
Jessica Rae’s Mali ‘Jingle’ is currently off display. Jingle is being attended to by Melbourne Zoo vets and will be a feature on the Mali trail once again by the end of the week.

The elephants in Melbourne are there from August to September 2012

50 Elephants in Melbourne

16 Here Today

by Elise Martinson (sponsored by Deakin University) at Melbourne Zoo entrance


50 Mali Sculptures in Melbourne

17  Botani

by Michal Skilney (sponsored by Botani Skincare) at Argyle Square, Lygon Street


Lygon Street - Melbourne Elephant

18 Ming Vase Elephant

by Brian Cheung (sponsored by ecoFuture) at Queen Victoria Market


Mali Elephant at the entrance of the Queen Victoria Market

50 Elephants in Melbourne - Why are there so many elephants? The Melbourne Zoo is celebrating!

19 A Pattern of Orange-bellied Parrots

by Vanessa Bong (sponsored by Queen Victoria Market) at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne

Melbourne Zoo Mali

20 Mali is Listening to the Earth

by Victor Holder (sponsored by Sanitarium Foods) at Flagstaff Gardens

Elephants in Melbourne - Why are they there?

Elephants all over Melbourne


There are more Melbourne elephant pictures … see the other 30 elephants here:

We had to split up the pictures … there are just too many. Please have a look at Part II and III of the collection:

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