Gontran Cherrier is a French bakery and cafe which has newly opened at it’s second Melbourne location on Smith Street, Collingwood. Specialising in French patisseries and bread products, Gontran Cherrier is bound to be a hit with those who want to enjoy a French cafe experience without leaving Melbourne.

Commercial Art Photography for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

The image which a business creates for itself can make or break it. With social media playing such a large part in building up or breaking down a business, great commercial art photography is a must. We love creating images which will assist our clients in building the profile they desire for their business. With careful planning and listening to our client’s needs, we can create a storyboard of images which is unique to each business.

With Gontran Cherrier, our brief was to create some works of art which will hang on their cafe wall, something which represents the heart and soul of the establishment. We were invited to where all the action happens, downstairs into the kitchen where all the bread and patisseries are prepared and baked with patience and care.

We’ve never done a shoot like this before, where the set was in full operation and our model was, in fact, an actual baker of the establishment. Normally, we would have a set where we have total control of all that happens. In this case, we used the live-action which was going on around us and threw in some studio-type shots. We amazed ourselves with what we produced during that shoot.

Creating captive images for your business & social media

Max, our baker model, had been working since 10 pm the night before and was kind enough to stay on a few hours extra to model for us when we turned up around 7 am. He did such a great job of being a model after working through the night! Our flour-burst shots took a few attempts, one attempt, unfortunately, had flour flying right into Max’s eyes! Being such a good sport, he was back in action after the flour was washed out.

Being in such a tight space meant that we couldn’t have all the lighting gear which we would have liked. We used a single flash with a small softbox attached, keeping it portable with one of us shining the light wherever it was needed. A one flash setting gives us nice directional light and helped us to create a more moody outcome.

In the cafe area upstairs, the kitchen provided us with some photo opportunities which did require flash. The cafe areas were shot with natural light. We were lucky that the cafe was fairly quiet during our time there, which allowed us to move about freely. 

Our clients thought that the images they received from this shoot were ‘phenomenal’ – and we were flattered. We’re not only about keeping clients happy, we aim to ‘wow’ with our photography. Let us come and create some phenomenal images for you.

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