This year, we were hired to photograph the hospitality areas at the Australian Open. The Australian Open Tennis event has a lot more to offer than just watching a tennis match. Some of the best chefs come into Melbourne to create culinary delights for hoards of hungry guests who fly in from all over the world during the two weeks of the Australian Open.

Restaurants such as Rockpool, Nobu, Melbourne 88, The Glasshouse and The Laneway were all on site. An exclusive opportunity to dine on court was one of the highlights! The food and the venues were impressive and the diners looked satisfied with their experiences in the Melbournian restaurants.

The entertainment offered during concerts, activations and fun events is unbelievable. So many things to capture that we sometimes went beyond our brief when we saw something worth capturing. Photographing commercial events of this scale is an experience and requires planning and time.

Photographing for marketing, PR & social media in Melbourne

Over the duration of the Australian Open, our job there was to capture the food, the venues, the ambience and fun surrounding the hospitality which was on offer. We’re lifestyle and commercial photographers. Capturing the fun and atmsophere in stylish and creative way is what our photography in Melbourne is about.

We love capturing unique moments. Large scale events always require lots of different photography skills – it’s a combination of lifestyle photography, commercial photography, portraits, landscape, architecture, sports and food photography. Event photography is a combination of it all. We just love photography for commercial events in Melbourne – it’s always exciting and interesting!

Melbourne event photography – Lifestyle & Atmosphere

Photographing such a big event involves taking on a huge responsibility. Things can get a little chaotic at times and you’re required to be at the same place at the same time. Sometimes it is not easy to find your way around on such big events. Fortunately, we’ve always been able to work it out.

The client may be extremely busy during this time and needs to be confident that they can leave you with a brief of what is to be photographed and that the job will be done to the best of your ability. It’ been too long since our client had received any really great photos, although they had been through some photographers, so the pressure was on to deliver some great images. It was a busy two weeks with plenty on the shot list to capture. In the end, we were very satisfied with the images we produced and so was the client.

 Here are just a few of the shots we captured during this amazing event in Melbourne. 

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architecture - tennis HQ

commercial automotive photography

tennis balls - sports event photos

premium sports event photographer - different photos

Sports event photographer in Melbourne - creative approach to large scale outdoor events

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Roger Federer at the Australian open in 2018 - sports event photography

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action and fun photography at vip events - cocktail shaker thrown in air

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lifestyle photography selfie time - girls taking selfies

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campari activation at corporate events - creative lifestyle photography in Melbourne for PR and Marketing

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famous chefs in Melbourne - portraits for pr and press

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atmosphere shots at restaurants by Melbourne event photographer - blurry person in restaurant setting - creative event photographer

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table settings at creative luxurious events - photo taken by freshPhotography in Melbourne

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portrait of restaurant chefs

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celebrity chef preparing food

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