Mali in my school – visiting all the Mali Elephants in the Zoo

Melbourne Zoo’s most famous Asian Elephant calf, Mali, has made her way out to 55 Victorian schools – in sculpture form as part of Mali in my School, a special 150th Anniversary Event.

We recently took the chance to visit the Melbourne Zoo. We loved all the Mali Elephants throughout the Melbourne city and thought it would be great to have a look at some of the amazing smaller versions – Mali in my School. 55 schools created mini Mali sculptures.  They were exhibited in the Zoo from the 22 September to the 15 October 2012. Some amazing artwork. Well done kids.

The elephants were all displayed at the Carousel Park in the Melbourne Zoo – unfortunately not the best place for photography and we only had 30 minutes – but we wanted to show them all to complete our Mali collection. (You can find all the big Mali in the city sculptures here: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3).

The 55 Mini Malis are now back in their schools for permanent display … when you have a great picture in their “natural” environemnt let us know. We would love to see them. Feel free to write a comment when you have some information about a Mali sculpture – we’d love to hear about our little artists thoughts and add the title and names to each elephant.

1. Anakie Primary School

Anakie Primary School - mali Elephant

2. Athol Road Primary School

Athol Road Primary School Mali Elephant Sculpture

3. Bairnsdale West Primary School

Bairnsdale West Primary School Mali Elephant

4. Balcombe Grammar School

Elephant - Melbourne Zoo - Balcombe Grammar School

5. Banyan Fields Primary School

Mali in my School - Melbourne Zoo

6. Boisdale Consolidated School

7. Box Hill High School

150 years Melbourne Zoo - Mali Photography

8. Box Hill North Primary School

Box Hill North Primary School - Mali in the city

9. Brighton Grammar School

Brighton - Mali in my School - Melbourne Zoo - Photography

10. Buxton Primary School

Buxton Primary School Mali in the city - Melbourne - 150 years Melbourne Zoo

11. Christian College Junior School

Christian College Junior School - Mali Elephant

12. Christ the Priest Primary School

Mali Elephant - Christ the Priest Primary School

13. Coatesville Primary School

Coatsville - Mali Elephant

14. Coleraine Primary School

Coleraine Primary School - Mali in my School - Sculptures

15. Dandenong North Primary School

Mali in my school - Dandenong

16. Delacombe Primary School

Delacombe Primary School - Mali in my school art - sculpture

17. Dingley Primary School

Dingley Primary School - Mali Elephants

18. Forest Street Primary School

Forest Street Primary School - Mali in the City - Event Photography

19. Garfield Primary School

Mali Elephant Garfield Primary School

20. Gisborne Secondary College

Gisborne Mali Elephant

21. Hamlyn Banks Primary School

Melbourne Mali Exhibition & Auction - Hamlyn

22. Holy Name Primary School

Holy Name Primary School Mali Elephant Sculpture - Melbourne Zoo

23. Katandra School

Katandra School Mali Elephant - Melbourne Zoo - Mali in my School

24.Korowa Anglican Girls’ School

Korowa Anglican Girls' School - Mali Elephant Melbourne

25. Lake Charm Primary School

Mali Melbourne

26. Lalor Primary School

Mali in the city - Mali in my school

27. Lysterfield Primary School

Lysterfield Primary School - Mali Elephant

28. Malvern Central School

Malvern Mali Elephant Photography

29. Melbourne City School

Melbourne City School - Mali Elephant

30. Methodist Ladies College

MLC Mali Elephant - Mali in my School - Melbourne

31. Milgate Primary School

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

32. Mt Dandenong Primary School

Mali Sculpture Mt Dandenong Primary School

33. Mt Waverley Primary School

34. Mullauna College

Mullauna College - Mali in my School

35. Nathalia Secondary College

Mali Melbourne

36. Oakleigh Primary School

Oakleigh Primary School - Mali in my school

37. Officer Primary School

Officer Mali Elephant

38. Patterson River Secondary College

39. Roberts McCubbin Primary School

Roberts Mali Elephants

40. Rolling Hills Primary School

Melbourne Mali - Rolling Hills Primary School

Mali in my School

41. Roxburgh Rise Primary School

Roxburgh Rise Primary School Mali in my school elephant

42. Rye Primary School

Rye - Malie Elephant Sculpture

43. Scoresby Secondary College

Scoresby Secondary College - Mali Elephant Photography

44. Shelford Girls’ Grammar

Mali in my School - Melbourne

45. Somers School Camp

Somers School Camp - Elephant

46. Springside College – Caroline Springs

Springside College - Caroline Springs Mali Elephant

47. St Alban’s East Primary School

St Alban's East Primary School - Mali in my school statue

48. St Ita’s Catholic Primary School

49. St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School

50. St Pauls Primary School

Mali in my school statue

51. Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar

Melbourne Zoo Statue

52. Sunbury Primary School

Melbourne Zoo - Mali

53. Sunbury West Primary School

Mali exhibition - Elephants in Melbourne

54. Taylors Lakes Primary School

Mali Taylors Lakes Primary School

55. Truganina South Primary School

Truganina Mali in my school elephant

Thanks for all the fantastic Mali elephants.

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