Anyone who is familiar with the Melbourne Cup Carnival will know that the Birdcage is the place for the rich & famous. Of course also a lucky few who have a free pass to all that luxury. Millions of dollars go into constructing the largest marquees within The Birdcage space.  It’s all just for the four major race days during the Melbourne Cup Carnival! After that, it’s all deconstructed until the next racing season. The guests who flock to the Birdcage are decked out head-to-toe in designer dresses and suits with high-end accessories to match. The Birdcage is a great place for people and celebrity watching for those have access to it.

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Some of the major marquees belong to Emirates (not anymore), Lexus, Mumm, Tab Corp, Seppelt and Myer. These lucrative areas host the most well-known Australian and international celebrities who attend the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The marquees are luxuriously fitted out. The food and beverages have been meticulously chosen and prepared for their special guests.  Top Australian chefs prepare bespoke menus. We’ve had the privilege of meeting and photographing some of these chefs (ands tasting some of their food).

These big marquee hosts pull no stops when it comes to giving the VIP treatment to their guests. Lexus, one of the largest enclosures in The Birdcage, has regularly brought in dancers to entertain and top chefs to oversee the menu. The Champagne Mumm marquee has even brought in dancers from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. They performed their own private Moulin Rouge show. Lavazza and Johnnie Walker are pumping party venues and are always popular. Therefore it attracts a younger crowd and hip guests. Champagne, wine, beer and cocktails flow freely all day long within all the marquees.

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Famous guests\ have enjoyed the hospitality within “The Birdcage”. You might walk across Nicole Kidman, Rose Byrne, Chris Hemsworth, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, Naomi Campbell, Dita Von Teese and Paris Jackson. Needless to say, photographers flock there by the droves to capture these stars. Some photographers are there for newspapers, magazines and other online publications. Some marquees also hire their own professional photographer to capture all the fine elements of their marquee and their guests enjoying themselves. Our ability to create impressive, light-filled shots of the interior of some of these marquees has seen that our services are sought after.

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There’s always a new theme within the marquees each year and our clients require photos of it all for their marketing purposes. The extravagance of it all always leaves us in awe. When taking photos of guests in the Birdcage precinct, we have to be mindful of their privacy. While some people absolutely love having their photo taken, some would rather remain anonymous. We’ve photographed so often in The Birdcage that we are fully aware of what is and what isn’t permitted in that space.

The biggest challenge when photographing in this exclusive Birdcage area is finding clean backgrounds for portraits. The most elaborate backdrops are also the most sought after ones,. There’s a fight for shooting time with other photographers. Sometimes we’ll just embrace the crowd and take a photo of our subjects right in the midst of it all. When it comes to capturing celebrities at media calls within the Birdcage, we just have to make sure we’ve got the right lens for the job to be in contention with the hoard of other photographers there.

Photographing such luxury always makes our time in “The Birdcage” an enjoyable one.

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