We are photographing lots of events during the Spring Carnival in Melbourne and country Victoria. The big Flemington Spring Carnival, the vibrant and younger Caulfield Cup Carnival or the smaller country races – they are all special and have their own flair. From private marquees, to the mounting yard or photographing the big corporate birdcage marquees.  We just love it!. As event photographers we are always on the go and the days are filled up with lots of fashion, racing and entertainment – not an easy task to capture it all.

Images for PR & Marketing in Melbourne

We create live images for social media, PR, press releases, marketing and online advertising. Unique and creative photos are important for the success of your event. We always give you the commercial copyright for the images we produce. Stock photography usually can’t be used for these events and don’t show the uniqueness. As there is so much to capture it is always important to create the best photos possible.

Live image stream for Social Media

Social Media gets more important to market your event – speed is often more important than the best quality. Instagram stories, facebook posts and Twitter images are a cornerstone of every marketing campaign for big events. We can offer you a live preview image feed from the event – it takes us sometimes under 30 seconds from camera to social media post. The upload happens directly from the camera to a server where the social media team can access the images – a unique way to make use of our photography. There are limitations to this approach (esp. in the evening ) as processing might be required for the photos.

Event Marketing Photography

When photographing events we usually have a 3 step approach.

  1. Photographing the setup
    We start photographing before your guests arrive. The venue is setup and beautifully decorated. Everything is in the right spot and looks immaculate – perfect to get the shots to market your event for the next year or give a little preview on social media to create more buzz.
  2. Staged shots / products / VIPs
    We often stage some product shots (or branding) with some of your VIP guests or staff. This could be photographed done before or during the event. As there is a bit more control over these photographs you can achieve higher quality images. Ideally a short must have shot list is created in the photography brief. So we make sure to capture all these must have shots.
  3. Photos of the atmosphere
    As soon as your guests arrive we photograph the candid moments and atmosphere of the event. Guests enjoying themselves – having fun! The event is in full swing and we are capturing it.

Here some images of the Melbourne Spring Racing Launch.

melbourne park event photography

creative event photos in melbourne

Photography for Marketing and PR

corporate event photos - bar and events

event planning in melbourne - event photos

portraits - fashion photos

fashion event photography in melbourne

the park launch event - pr and event photos

girls relaxing at event with prosecco - seppelt

event decorations - flowers

model portraits - marketing photos

prosecco bar - event styling

melbourne cup 2019

lexus car - fashions on the field prize

opening of springracing season 2019 gai waterhouse - launch event

parade photos at Melbourne cup launch

Activations and PR photos in Melbourne