Melbourne F1 event photography

@Chandon with McLaren Honda - Press conference with Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button

f1 event photographer in melbourne - photo of fernando alonso and jenson button at chandon

It’s again Formula 1 season in Melbourne. Lots of events are happening all around the city of Melbourne. We had the pleasure to photograph a small media event at Domaine Chandon in the Yarra Valley with McLaren Honda. Event Photography at fast paced events are always a challenge. You need a lot of different skills to get the photographs.

There is a bit of landscape, beautiful portraits, product and branding and indoor photography. Melbourne F1 event photography is great fun. Lots of improvisation to get the best event photographs and a tight timeline keeps the photographer busy. The challenge is to produce great event photos which are bit more than just your normal snaps.

Melbourne F1 event photographer

The Forumla 1 event photography in Melbourne requires usually big lenses to capture the fast cars … we like to capture the social life beside the track. The atmosphere is something important which we want to photograph with our event photography in Melbourne. It’s capturing the little details and different perspective which we like to achieve to make every event look special.

F1 events photography – McLaren Honda & Chandon

Chandon is a leading Sparkling Wine produced by the LVMH Group in many different countries (and of course also in Australia in the Yarra Valley) and is one of the main sponsors of the McLaren Honda team. The vineyard in the Yarra Valley was used for a promotion video for Chandon  and featured the two main drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button from the McLaren Honda F1 team.

We were photographing the press conference and some social shots for the media at this beautiful location in the Yarra Valley. A beautiful lunch was served afterwards in the amazing Riddling Hall.

Chandon – Yarra Valley – Melbourne F1 event photography

The Chandon vineyard is beautifully located in the Yarra Valley not far away from Melbourne. And what a space for events. Birthday parties, weddings or commercial events and gala dinners are just perfect for this venue. The Riddling Hall is one of the most amazing event spaces we know. And don’t forget to take a little tour around the vineyard and try some of the fantastic wines.

Have a look at some of our photographs we took of the day – enjoy the spark!

Domaine Chandon Homestead - event space for press conference F1 - McLaren honda event photography

pretty models for advertising commercials

Fernando Alsonso - Portrait Photo of the F1 driver before Melbourne Grand Prix in 2016 at Domaine Chandon

F1 drivers Fernando Alsonso and Jeson Button 2016 at Melbourne Grand Prix 2016 - Portrait photo and commercial event

Jenson Button - best portrait of 2016 McLaren Honda

F1 press conference - event photos creative photography of events

press conference - a bit different photographed

press conference at domaine chandon for McLaren Honda - Drives Fernando Allonso and Jenson Button

Behind the scenes at a F1 press conference in melbourne 2016

Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button - Portrait close - Melbourne F1 pictures

domaine chandon wedding

Social photos at F1 event - Bianca Chea

models at f1 event

champgane at events - photography of luxury events in Melbourne

food at chandon

vineyard tour for media

Chandon vineyard event space

Behind the scenes Domain Chandon McLaren Honda video clip advertising campaign

riddling room at domaine chandon event - photography in the yarra valley

F1 event in Melbourne - table setting at luxury F1 event in melbourne 2016 - PR and Event Photography in Melbourne

girls at f1 event

lunch in the riddling room - event photography at f1 event in the yarra valley for McLaren Honda and Domaine Chandon

table setup at event at domain chandon 2016 - ridding hall for events and weddings

chandon lunch event

lunch in ridding hall - event photos at chandon