When it comes to wedding photography, you want more than just the ‘happy snaps’ to look back on. You are reading this because you are after some creativity when it comes to capturing your special day. You want your photos to blow away all those who you show your album to, not to have them cringing at seeing you in cheesy poses which the photographer thought would make a great photo!

There’s so much time, effort and money thrown into the special day so don’t go skimping on the photographer! You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for artistic wedding photography but it’s still not going to be cheap. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

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Artistic Wedding Photography Melbourne

So what’s involved in artistic wedding photography? A good artistic wedding photographer will use light in interesting and flattering ways to create some mood in their photos. They will be able to capture the emotion and compose each frame in a way which generates interest. Have you seen photos where everyone and everything is in the centre of the photo? How about wedding photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling? Have you seen photos where people are so brightly lit up from a camera flash and it’s in the middle of the day? How about photos of people with loads of harsh shadows on their faces due to the sun being high above them? It’s still going on to this day and it is not what we consider to be artistic wedding photography!

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A work of art – your Melbourne wedding photos

The biggest difference with an artistic wedding photographer to the ordinary wedding photographer is their ability to make your photos look like a work of art. An artistic wedding photographer has the right camera lenses to make the subject the centre of attention and blur out the rest. They’re not afraid to deliberately shoot a blurry photo for art’s sake. They can also deliver super sharp photos as well and combine them with the rest to tell a special story of a couple who just sealed their commitment to each other with a ring and a kiss.

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Select your artistic wedding photographer in Melbourne

When you’re after good artistic wedding photography in Melbourne, it’s worth meeting up with a few photographers whose portfolios impress you. Do be very aware that most photographers will showcase only their best work, so make sure that they have a few weddings to show you. Keep a lookout for those who show the story of the full wedding, from start to finish, rather than those who only show photos which are in good daylight. There might be a good reason that they don’t show you their nighttime shots – because they may be really bad! Good night time photography requires some skill! Some photographers may only show you photos of weddings on nice, sunny days. What if it were to rain on your special day? Would the photographer know how to capture it in an artistic way?

Don’t mistake all blurry photos as works of art. It may be that the photographer has unstable hands and is unable to take sharp photos! Something, hopefully, the right thing, should be in focus in most photos. Unless you want it that way, photos where everyone and everything in the photo is sharp (including the background) is not really considered artistic – unless there is something in the background which really adds to the photo.

A good artistic wedding photographer will deliver photos which tell the story of your special day. They will capture all the love and emotion throughout the day in a way that will have all those who lay eyes on the images wanting to see more.