Do you need some wedding inspirations? Enjoy these wedding blogs.

Getting wedding inspiration for your Melbourne Wedding

You are planning your wedding in Melbourne. You just got recently engaged and wedding planning can be overwhelming. Weddings in Melbourne can be very different. You might have looked at some wedding blogs already. We have the vibrant Melbourne city with the urban more grungy look for hip weddings. Modern Docklands venues with harbour view – which is also great for wedding photography. There are also lots of very stylish venues for a classic city wedding – overlooking the rooftops of the most livable city in the world – Melbourne!

Then there are plenty of beautiful beaches for the seascape wedding. From St Kilda down to the Mornington Peninsula. You have Elwood beach, St Kilda Beach, Mentone Beach, Mordialloc Beach, Sandringham Beach,  Chelsea Beach and it goes all the way down to Portsea and Sorrento beach. All perfect for photography and lots of wonderful venues at these beaches so that you don’t need to travel far. You also have beautiful vineyards out in the Yarra Valley. From the small intimate wedding to the large party at one of the bigger venues such as Stones, Chandon or Yering Station. And last but not least you can have a beautiful country wedding not far from Melbourne.

With all these options for your wedding, it can be super hard to decide. It’s already difficult to decide on your wedding photographer. Choosing the style of your wedding is a very personal decision. A garden wedding, a hip cafe, a funky warehouse in Melbourne, your private home, a vineyard or a fancy restaurant. So many options. Marrying your loved one can overwhelming in the planning phase. What invites do you design? Have you selected the table decorations – from the centrepieces to the printed menu or seating chart? Do you have your wedding dress and does it suit the location? What about the flower arrangements? Did you think about the bridesmaids dresses?

Don’t worry! There is help for your wedding planning … lots of help.

The best Wedding blogs – Ultimate list

The internet is full of inspiration. As photographers, we create a lot of images of the weddings which we showcase on our website. But at the end of the day, we are taking the images – we are not creating styling advice and compiling lots of images for your wedding inspiration. There we have lots of wedding blogs which publish so many wedding ideas and inspiration every day that you can browse them forever. From stylish Melbourne Weddings to outback weddings and country weddings in Victoria, international destinations and elopements. You find every possible styling idea. We compiled a list of our favourite wedding blogs in no specific order. Be aware when you browse the blogs – there are a lot of styled wedding photoshoots out there. Some are done for advertising purposes and some blogs get paid to post certain features. Most directories are paid advertising. You will always find weddings with perfect light situations and often “model” brides in styled shoots – make sure you keep it real.

1. Nouba – An Australian Wedding Blog

Nouba Wedding Blog

Nouba is a beautiful Australian Wedding Blog. It has lots of styled shoots on the website and lots is a bit too much advertising for my liking – especially in the wedding inspiration section.  But the images and ideas presented are beautiful. You find lots of same-sex weddings and funky and hip weddings in Australia. Lots of great ideas are found in the weddings section which features lots of real weddings – this is a great resource for every bride and groom.

Nouba – Wedding Blog

2. HelloMay – Stylish Australian Wedding Blog

Hello May - Australian Wedding Blog

Another popular Australian Blog is HelloMay. This blog has so much Australian content it’s mindboggling. The inspiration section is beautiful but you find mainly styled shoots (nothing wrong with them … just be aware that they are not real weddings). The weddings section is extensive and covers a lot of different venues and locations in Australia. And when you are can’t get enough you can also buy their print magazine.

HelloMay – Wedding Blog

3. Ivory Tribe – Australian Wedding Blog

Ivory Tribe Wedding Blog

Let’s stick to Australia for the third wedding blog – Ivory Tribe. Lots of inspiration and real weddings to be found here.

Ivory Tribe – Wedding Blog

4. Polkadotbride

Polkadot Wedding Blog

It’s not a domain but still a wedding blog created in Australia. You find lots of weddings and the big advantage is that you can select by style, colour, season and setting. So when you already have an idea about your wedding you can search for the match inspiration for your wedding. Search a black tie, bohemian, casual, classic, coastal, industrial, minimalistic, romantic, rustic, retro, modern wedding … the list goes on … you get the idea. The link below goes directly to the search form to get you started.

Pokadotbride – Wedding Blog

5. Together – New Zealand Wedding Blog

together wedding blog

Let’s go across the ocean to New Zealand and we find “Together”. It’s a New Zealand Magazine which also has lots of wedding content on their website. And you never know you might just want to celebrate in New Zealand. Of course, you also find lots of Australian wedding content.

Together – Wedding Magazine

6. The Lane – Luxury Wedding Blog

You are after exclusive weddings. The absolute high end weddings. Have a look at the Lane. From French castles to Italian Mansions, Islands in the Caribbean sea … you find it there. Luxury pure. Every location you find on the blog is very unique. Impeccable styling and stunning details wherever you look. Compared to other blogs not that much content but what you see takes your breath away.

The Lane – Luxury Wedding Blog

7. The Bride’s Tree – A Sunshine Coast Wedding Blog

Getting married in Queensland? How about a sunshine coast wedding blog? Here you go. The Bride’s Tree features lots of Queensland weddings You also can download a free digital wedding magazine.

The Bride’s Tree – Wedding Blog

8. Farewell Fiance!

farewell fiance wedding blog

You find lots of real weddings in their love stories section! Lots of wedding style and inspiration. The blog is also looking a bit beyond the typical wedding with info on wellness and your honeymoon (some brides book this first!).

Farewell Fiance!


wedshed wedding venues

Are you looking for a unique wedding venue in Australia? This is not really a wedding blog. But it in is a great collection of unique wedding venues in Australia. An extensive list of wedding venues. I am usually not a big fan of directories … but this is good! From the unique industrial warehouse to the teeppee in country Victoria – you will find it. When you still don’t have your wedding venue – have a look on Wedshed for ideas.

Wedshed – Wedding Venue Directories


There are lots more wedding blogs overseas and we will add soon a few more form other countries. It’s very interesting to see some inspiration from other cultures and regions.

wedding couple photographed in a creative way infront of rocks by wedding photographer - stylish wedding dress

Wedding Inspiration

As you see there is lots of wedding inspiration available. Don’t forget to browse our portfolio and gallery to get even more inspiration – we also have plenty of images available on our website. Take some style elements you like, create some DIY and combine all the elements to your wedding.

But with all this inspiration don’t forget to plan your wedding. It’s easy to get lost in all the beautiful images and overthink things.

Basic steps of wedding planning

Step 1: Get a theme for your wedding

With all the wedding inspiration available it’s easy to get lost. It is important to find your wedding theme and style for the wedding and stick to it. It’s a personal thing. You decide on your theme. You might mix your theme up and create It’s easy to get blown away by all the different things possible. Stick to your wedding theme and then plan from there. This will get you the foundation of your wedding planning. When the planning is all too much for you just hire a wedding planner and they do it all for you. But in most cases, you will want some control over the process.

Step 2: Plan one item at a time

Create a little list of the most important things to plan. Then tackle one at a time. You will slowly tick off the list and your wedding will form shape. Start with the big bullet points such as choosing your wedding day, wedding venue, wedding photographer, celebrant and ceremony. You can get married when you just have your celebrant and your witnesses. Take a few more extra steps and you have already a fully planned fun wedding.

Step 3: Style your wedding

After you have chosen the big items you can think about making your wedding theme reality. Get the styling elements for your wedding. Also one thing at a time. Organize the wedding flowers, create the wedding invites, listen to different wedding bands and wedding music to decide on your entertainment. How to get from one spot to the other – think about your wedding transport. Where do you get ready? Still lots of things to figure out and make it as personal as you can. It’s your big day!

Step 4: Fine-tune your wedding planning

You are actually finished with the wedding planning. But of course, there are so many little details you can plan. You are a perfectionist and every detail is important. Just one big tip here: Don’t do last minute things. Just relax the days before the wedding and have a good night sleep before you get married

Enjoy your wedding planning! And let us know when you have the perfect wedding to photograph … we would love to capture it.