Every wedding needs a theme. It’s a difficult thing to choose for your wedding with so many options available. Whichever one you decide on, make sure it truly reflects both of your personalities. Your chosen theme will also have to suit your chosen venue and the time of year you’re getting married. Dark venues and winter weddings will call for different colour tones, whereas summer weddings and brighter venues will allow you to choose softer colours. In this little article, we list a few wedding themes for your wedding.

If you’re getting married on a vineyard or a farm, a rustic theme would be a perfect choice. You are after a more glamorous or elegant wedding, a city venue would be more ideally suited to you. Or do you prefer the beach?  A beachside wedding and function venue would suit you perfectly. Your personalities will steer you into choosing the theme which will compliment you. Take in the surroundings of your wedding venue and let it help guide you towards a theme.

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Wedding Themes for your wedding in Melbourne, Australia

Choosing a venue and theme by going with your favourite colours is a great idea. Black, white, silver and gold suits a traditional and elegant theme which would suit a city venue. Pastels and brighter colours would be more suited for a garden, vineyard or beach wedding. Choosing a theme for your wedding is all about what kind of mood you want to bring to your special day. Will it be a party full of dancing, lots of food and loud music or will it be a more refined celebration with a jazz band playing? Take your time and do some self-reflection to come up with the theme which will make your wedding day perfect.

Some Wedding Themes – Suggestions for your wedding:

Romantic Wedding

Decorate with lots of flowers in pastel colours, candles and soft lighting. Fairy lights or hanging lights set a romantic tune. Maybe even hang chandeliers. Use swirling fonts for the seating chart and place cards. Set up a flower wall for your photo booth backdrop.

Alternative Wedding

Do you gravitate towards moody colours and unconventional decor? Does ‘normal’ bore you? The alternative theme may be for you. Go as wild as you like to create a beautiful scene which represents the cool couple that you are.

Bohemian Wedding

If you’re a fan of Boho style, you’re probably going to be a boho bride. A bohemian wedding theme suits you to a tea. Keeping things cool, relaxed but yet still beautiful.

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Modern Wedding

The modern couple will opt for clean lines, minimalistic decor and geometric shapes. Both bride and groom might choose non-traditional colours for their wedding dress and suit. The venue will be sleek and architectural and their colour choice will be bold.

Vintage Wedding

Your choice of wedding outfits and beauty look is an easy way to give your wedding the vintage vibe you’re after. Spread antique decor around. An antique typewriter and an old-fashioned bike in a venue with antique decor will set the vintage mood. Hire a vintage car for transporting you around and for your wedding photo shoot.

Rustic Wedding

Pick a barn or a farmhouse for your rustic wedding. If you love DIY projects, a rustic wedding is a right choice for you. Make it feel homey. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a rustic feel for your wedding. Decorate with mason jars, mismatched glasses, vases and plates.

Formal/Traditional Wedding

You’ve chosen a black-tie event for your special day. The guest will be dressed formally. The ladies will be wearing evening or cocktail dresses and the men will be required to wear ties. A full sit-down dinner will be served to your guest. There are posh seating and complete table settings. Grand floral arrangements will adorn your venue.

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Garden Party Wedding

A fabulous choice for the relaxed bride and groom who are after an intimate, casual wedding. Best to plan a garden wedding for the warmer seasons. Get a caterer in to serve your guests a bbq feast and light fires in a fire pit as the night gets cooler. String fairy lights through trees or above a make-shift dance floor.

Cultural Wedding

Different cultures have different traditions. In Melbourne often a couple comes from two different backgrounds and it is beautiful to see the combination of different traditions and cultures. Each wedding is unique and different. Make it your own wedding!

There are so many more wedding themes for you to consider. If you can’t agree on one, choose what you like from different themes and put them together to create your own dream wedding theme. There are no hard rules so do it the way which will make your wedding the best day!