It’s not that difficult to find the right wedding photographer. Keep it simple: Look through different portfolios of different photographers to find a style which suits the both of you. If you like a style of photography from a photo studio which hires different photographers, make sure that you’re going to get the photographer that you like the particular style of! Some studios will send out whoever they have available on the day! Look at portfolios which show a whole wedding from start to finish. Some photographers only show the ‘best of’ photos which can be deceiving. They may be good at taking portraits when given ample time. Capturing the special moments which unfold quickly throughout your wedding day requires some skill as well. Nighttime photography can be tricky to capture properly for an untrained photographer. If capturing your party atmosphere is important, find a photographer who is competent with nighttime photography. To be a professional wedding photographer you need lots of different skills.

How to find the right wedding photographer?

Find a photographer who listens to your needs. The day is stressful enough so find someone who you can trust to deliver you the images that you will love. Some photographers have strong personalities and will take control of the day whereas some are quiet, like a fly on the wall. There’s a photographer to suit everyone’s needs and personalities so do your homework and find the right one for you! A good photographer can be left alone to do what is required. They will even have some great input into the way that your day should run to achieve the best photos. A good photographer may even seem pushy and suggest you go to certain locations at certain times for your photoshoot (but never too pushy – there is a fine line!). This might mean that you leave your guests to enjoy the party for a little while. At the end of the day, you want some great photos. This will be what’s left of a day which goes by too quickly.

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Budget, Prices, Packages

Good photographers are usually more expensive. You get what you pay for. They are confident in their skills and want to be paid appropriately for it. If a photographer that you love the style of is a little out of budget, think of ways which will help you enlist their services. This might mean cutting down on a few guests to do so. Cutting costs on some unnecessary wedding features may help you to get your desired wedding photographer. In the end, expensive floral displays die away. Those guests which you don’t have much to do with won’t be missed. Maybe re-think the idea of hiring that fancy car for the day. In the end, getting beautiful wedding photos to remember your wedding by is something you will not regret. Or just maybe cut down the hours.

Do a pre-wedding photoshoot – check them out!

Some wedding photographers offer smaller photography packages if their full day coverage is too pricey. Enquire to see if they will do your photoshoot only and not worry about the rest of the day. You might even opt for a photoshoot with them on a different day to your wedding day! This is a great idea for those who are after some beautiful bridal portraits in a more relaxed scenario. The photoshoot of the bride and groom is the most important part of wedding photography. It’s these photos that are the most cherished images of the couple if photographed well. It’s worth getting in a great wedding photographer just for these shots if you can’t afford them for the full day. A great wedding photographer will deter you from a photoshoot in harsh sunlight and insist that you have photos taken later in the day. They will insist that you head out at sunset (providing that there is one) to capture the couple in the best light.

Meet your wedding photographer!

Finding the right wedding photographer for you takes some research. Once you find the style of photography that you’re after, go and meet them before you decide to book them. This meeting is a great way to get to know the photographer and discuss what you are wanting. The photographer which is right for you will listen to your photography ideas and let you know if they can deliver the style that you seek. The right photographer will suit your personalities and put you at ease and you will leave the meeting wanting to book them.

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