Thinking about hiring a friend with their new camera as you photographer? Getting a hobby photographer who does nice landscapes as your wedding photographer? Think twice when you want to hire your wedding photographer. You should always check full weddings, their picture style and talk to your photographer before booking. A landscape photographer might not be great at weddings. The top product photographer is not used to a fast-paced wedding. You uncle Bob wants to have a beer after the ceremony and not taking your pictures.

Great camera does not equal professional photographer

A good camera does not make a good photographer! Yes, you need decent equipment to photograph a wedding but a professional wedding photographer could also create stunning images with less equipment. This is something we like to remind people of all the time. Just because you have the latest camera with the best lense does not guarantee that you will take great photos. Don’t get the impression that your uncle or cousin will capture your special day with their fancy new camera as well as a professional will! Most guests want to relax and have fun at your wedding. A professional wedding photographer has their mind on the job all day long! As professional wedding photographers, we’ve allowed people (normally a relative) to follow us around with their cameras on the request of the bride and groom. They even had the same camera as we do! To this day, there haven’t been any better photos taken of our couples on their wedding day than the ones we deliver.

Beautiful couple infront of venue - captured by Melbourne Photographer in Abbotsford


Great wedding photographer – What does it take?

To become a great wedding photographer takes a lot of practice and experience. It requires a high level of organisation to be ready for all the key moments. A good wedding photographer will advise their brides and grooms on how to achieve the best photos of their day. They will give tips on how to make the day run smoothly concerning photography and when it is the best time for photos (make use of this when you book your wedding photographer). It takes a good eye to know what the bride and groom would want to look back on. Great photography skills are needed to photograph the bride and groom in the most pleasing way. There is no room for mistakes as these moments can not be repeated after the day is over. So much money, time and effort is poured into a wedding so each couple deserves some beautiful images to remind them of it all.

wedding photo themes - stunning mansion wedding - couple in stairway with light shining on them in a luxury melbourne wedding


Professional wedding photographer for all budgets

There are different photographers to suit everyone’s budget. It all depends on what style of photography the couple is after. Unfortunately, the best ones do cost a little more for a good reason. The skill level of a professional photographer is generally represented in their price. Occasionally you’ll get lucky and find a good one who is just starting to enter the wedding photography market so their price will still be affordable. There is an easy trick when you want a more affordable photographer. If you like someone’s photography style but they are out of your price range, consider hiring them for fewer hours. Make your wedding interesting and unique so that they want to photograph your wedding. They may also be happy to do a photoshoot with just the bride and groom for an hour or two or decide on a pre wedding shoot. If beautiful photos of the two of you are important, have it captured by the best that you can afford!