We love to photograph at the Melbourne Cup – one of the major events in Melbourne. Great atmosphere, stunning fashion and lots of fun at this event in Melbourne. We love to shoot it a little bit different – not your typical birdcage red-carpet photography or just snapping away at the media wall.

We love to capture the emotion of this event – the fun people have and the amazing designs of the marquees in the Birdcage. Event photography at the Melbourne Cup changed a lot in the last time. It’s less the typical media wall or red carpet shots – we love to photograph it as a wedding. Showcasing the beauty and atmosphere of this event.

On one of the days, we captured the interior and fun at the Tabcorp marquee.

Event Photography at the Melbourne Cup

Event photography at the Melbourne Cup Spring racing is something special for us. The setup is as beautiful as a wedding with just one difference – there is no bride … everyone is dressed up and looks beautiful. What a wonderful challenge to capture this. We just love it.

Tabcorp Marquee – Event Photography

Here is a quick example we photographed in the Tabcorp marquee at this years Melbourne Cup events. A stylish marquee directly at the racetrack with a luxury hotel theme. Beautiful flower arrangements, champagne, pumping music and lots of screens to follow the racing action. You find lots of our photos on our blog www.fabulous-femme.com which showcases lots of racing fashion and the overall spring racing carnival.



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Marquee setup

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Event photography Melbourne - Tabcorp Marquee Melbourne Spring Racing

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Dancing, drinking, having fun at the Melbourne Cup events - Relaxed and stunning photography

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