We think conference photography is not much different to wedding photography. Ok … there a few differences. We want to showcase your conference in the most beautiful images possible. We document the event and photograph the atmosphere in a candid and stylish way. Speakers, branding, styling of the event and your staff and customers are the centre of attention.

From Paddock to Plate – The Internet of Things – Photographing a Melbourne conference

We photographed for Rentokil Initial the event “Connecting Paddock to Plate” at the RACV Club, Melbourne. The event shared best practices, information on current or growing ecosystems and development of relationships to partner with third parties.

Conference Photography at the RACV Club in Melbourne

The event was held in the RACV Club in the Melbourne CBD. The room was surrounded by Melbourne skyscrapers and had wonderful rooftop access. A wonderful venue for a Melbourne conference and it was a pleasure to photograph here. The RACV Club has several rooms available and parking is possible in their own garage … ideal for your conference guests.

It’s always a hard choice to decide if you want to use flash or not for your photos. Some dark venues just require a bit more light. We always try to preserve the feel and atmosphere of the event which can be challenging in lots of situations. But as professional event photographers in Melbourne, we love a challenge to get you the best images.

Melbourne Conference Photographer – Enquire today for our availability – Last Minute bookings

We are not only photographing events in Melbourne but also weddings. Weddings sometimes book up to 2 years ahead and especially in the wedding peak season, our availability can be restricted on Fridays and Saturdays. Don’t wait too long to book your event.

Of course, you might be lucky and even a last-minute booking is possible. Make sure you still contact us for your last minute photography needs and get a quote for your event. (We suggest to give us a call in case the event is on the same day or in the next 3 days. Ideally include as much info as possible in your enquiry. Contact us today to check our availability. 



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