A product launch is always a special event for a business. A perfect opportunity to use the new products to get press coverage and receive social media coverage. Also invited guests – may it be customers, staff, suppliers or media – will be part ofd the event to celebrate with you or get a glimpse at the new product when you launch it at the event. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture the milestone of a business and document it for the future. Guest and the media can use these images to spread the word about your company and new products. Great photography at a product launch event is pivotal.

Product Launch Photography

Presenting a new product to the public is always an exiting time for a company. Lots of efforts go in the presentation of the new products. Showcasing products at events, trade fairs, the company headquarters or flagship stores is an event to document. Product launch event photography can be used to create buzz around your products on social media & local and international magazines.

If it is the presentation of as new product or just time to celebrate the launch – we love to photograph your event.

Gala Dinner Photography in Melbourne

Often a gala dinner is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your staff and customers. It’s time to show them that they are special and a lot of effort is put in these events. A perfect dinner, matching wines, stunning dessert buffet in a luxurious setting above the clouds in Melbourne is worth documenting. Capturing the atmosphere, speakers and VIP guests is what we are good at. Creative event photography at your gala dinner in Melbourne. Pictures can get used for your internal magazines, for your customers and staff or press releases for you PR and marketing teams.

Time to celebrate

We photographed this amazing dinner at the Sofitel No.35 restaurants in Collins Street, Melbourne. A perfect setting for the launch of a new business in Australia – a milestone for the company. Photography was also used to give each attendee a persoal photo with the VIP speaker after the event.

Contact us to enquire to capture your event with some creative event photography for your business or product launch in Melbourne.


Photography at Sofitel Hotel

Gala Dinner Photography

Photos of Gala Dinner for product launch in Melbourne

Melbourne skyline photo

gala dinner in luxury restaurant - Photographer captures setup and atmosphere for marketing, social media and press releases

gala dinner - table setup at Sofitel

photography for marketing and pr - commercial launch event photography in Melbourne

Speeches at launch event

nighttime skyline

creative event photos in Melbourne - Dinner party and events