We love photographing outdoor events in Melbourne. It’s usually a bit of a challenge to get great shots at a fast-paced event and photography depends a lot on the light which you can’t control at outdoor events in Melbourne. Hiring a professional photographer who is capable of photographing even in challenging light situations is crucial for amazing event photography in Melbourne.

Outdoor event photography – Event spaces in Mornington

We capture the newly renovated event spaces at the Mornington racecourse. The modern bars and restaurants are all packed on the race days but are also used as corporate or private event spaces for weddings, functions and corporate events. It’s usually easier to photograph the spaces early in the morning just before the official opening.

Creative event photography at Mornington Cup

As the Mornington Cup was in full swing we captured the atmosphere, fashions and race action. A variety of event photography to showcase the action of the races, the fashions and fun and relaxed atmosphere. The corporate area with several marquees, the young members area with the stylish and hip set up directly at the racetrack. Live bands playing in several locations. A fun day photograph. Beautiful setups, stylish spaces and a relaxed atmosphere make it easy for us to photograph and create stunning shots which can be used for marketing, websites, brochures and even the newspapers and magazines. Our event photography always includes the commercial usage rights for print, online and third party usage.

Spring Racing Event Photography in Melbourne

Melbourne is a wonderful city for event photography. The city (and of course all the surrounding areas)  has so many stunning events on offer. We would love to capture all these events in a bit of a different style showcasing the atmosphere. Our photojournalistic approach for events photography combined with creative photos will give you lots of interesting images for marketing and press releases. Or just a nice memory for your guests. Companies spend lots of money on creating unique experiences for the customers and clients so make sure you capture it and preserve these memories.

Event and Corporate Photography Melbourne

Have a look at the pictures of this wonderful event. It shows what we can produce on an outdoor event and how versatile the pictures can be. It’s a mix of landscape photography, product photography, portrait photography and creative event photography. As event photographer we are versatile.

Makes sure you have a look at our event photography portfolio.


large outdoor event photographer

event photography melbourne - large outdoor event

event photographer melbourne

fashion and fun - millinery and fashion photographer melbourne

fashions on the field;d - photography at the melbourne cup

mornington racecourse wedding event spaces



restaurant event space

the mornington cup

pretty girls at events - creative photography

modern event spaces in mornington

wedding and event photographer in melbourne and mornington


horse at the mornington racecourse

Mornington racecourse

MRC Young Members

detail photography - race books and umbrellas


music - live band at mornington cup

BMW mornington cup - advertising and pr photography in melbourne

pommery Bmw marquee - mornington cup

pommer y champagne in the fridge

mornington cup 206 - action and horses

outdoor party event photographer in melbourne

commercial event photographer melbourne

food photography melbourne - restaurants bars and cafes - creative event space photography

guests watching the monrington cup from the luxury marquees

corporate event photography - outdoor and indoor events - mornington cup 2016 sponsored by BMW

pretty young girls at outdoor event - photography in melbourne - birthdays and events

outdoor party photography melbourne

jockey and horse - outdoor event photography

horse race

photography at the mornington cup event

jockey winner mornington cup 2016 - best portrait

event photography at mornington cup 2016