We love simplicity. But sometimes even a busy backdrop – such as the city of Melbourne makes a wonderful spot for some family photography in Melbourne. We love shooting at the beach in Melbourne and also in the wonderful parks – but a city backdrop is always something special. A bit of an urban feel and a little adventure for the kids.

Candid and stylish family photography in Melbourne

The location chosen was the Docklands near the Melbourne CBD – an area which transforms very quickly and gets busier and busier by the day. It still offers plenty of great places for family photography in Melbourne and it gives you the modern and urban look. The harbour setting allows to have plenty of simple family photos with a plain sea backdrop or maybe one of the luxury yachts (we need to use one on our future photo sessions).

Melbourne Family Photos – Urban look

The light is very important for the success of your family photos in an outdoor location. Usually, sunset or an overcast day is the best light for great photos. Be aware that sunset is pretty late in the Melbourne summer and it might be way past bedtime for younger kids. You know your kids best and can decide on the times where they are the most active.

Simplicity and your own style – What location to choose?

It’s not only about the backdrop and the location … it’s about your family. So sometimes the simple locations work very well as it keeps the centre of attention on the family and not the amazing backdrop. Choose what you like best. Melbourne gives you a wide variety of different photography locations for your family photography. Urban street graffiti in the laneways, wonderful green and lush parks, stunning city backdrops, amazing beaches or even your own home. Just keep it simple. You have a choice.

Our own Family Portrait

Each year we have our own family portrait taken. It’s something which is special to us, to celebrate each year we have together. We’re always taking photos of each other but getting photos of all of us together is special. We pick out the best ones, print them out and hang them on our wall so that we can gaze upon them daily.

Being photographers, it’s hard to get photos which are just the way we want them. Our solution for that – grab one of our photographer friends and get them to take our photos with our equipment to snap away at us. It’s not the easiest gig, it’s a rather nerve-wracking experience I would presume! But our lovely friend, Michelle, stepped up and took the position as our assistant for the photos. It’s hard to take a photo of all of us (we are sure she would love to keep the Canon 5D we gave her for some shots. We’re very happy with the results.)

Family Photography in the Docklands, Melbourne

For this year’s family photoshoot, we went of something a little more glamorous. The Docklands of Melbourne was the perfect choice as a stylish backdrop for us. Dressy, yet simple clothing in black and white gave us the clean look we were after. The kids were pretty obliging with a compromise of sneakers instead of dress shoes for the smallest one.

He’s very photogenic and easily bribed to stand in photos with promises of a new Lego set to add to his collection (it’s a big collection now!). The older one lost interest quickly but she had her phone with her and obliged for the whole family portrait moments. Children need coaxing to pose for photos so have something ready up your sleeves! And sometimes it just happens naturally…

Tips for preparing your Family Photo Shoot

  • Since 30 minutes before sunset is the best time for light and it’s a late sunset during summer, make sure your kids are fed well beforehand!
  • Take along something to drink in case they get thirsty. It’s not advisable to give them snacks during the photoshoot as it can get messy (but when you can’t avoid it take some “clean” food.)
  • Know where the toilets are located! Yep, we had a little toilet issue during the photoshoot which made things a little difficult. We just couldn’t find a toilet! Unbeknownst to us, we were right next to it at the beginning of our shoot and kept walking away from it in the search for one.
  • Take along a toy for the little ones to keep them occupied.  A favourite toy or a vintage camera makes for a cute photo prop. Remember to keep the colours coordinating with your choice of styling.
  • Keep the photoshoot to a reasonable time frame. With really little ones, an hour will be maximum. You might be able to stretch it out an hour longer if they’re a little older. If you have babies, you’ll know how long they will last so let the photographer know and they will be able to work out the best time and place for your family portrait shoot.
  • Always have comfortable shoes in case you have to walk some distance, as we did while looking for a toilet! I wore heels for the photos but I was clever and had some flat shoes waiting on the side.
  • Replacement clothes. A spare shirt or pants in the car will help you in case there is a little accident or it’s just too hot.
  • Keep all your stuff in one bag. Your Family Photographer in Melbourne might need to carry the bag for you at times (as you don’t want it in your Family photos) … so keep it easy and only carry necessary things.

Hope these little tips help you a bit to prepare for your family photography session in Melbourne.

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skyline backdrop for family photography in Melbourne

modern and urban family photography




docklands family photography

docklands family portraits kids meditation photo


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