Not long anymore and the mali in the city elephants will make their way back to the Zoo. On friday the 21/09 (early in the morning) they will get packed up and transported to the Melbourne Zoo where they will meet all as a big herd.

You can find all the Mali Elephants here:

View Mali in the City in a larger map

In case you can’t make it don’t worry. The entire herd of 50 sculptures will be viewable in the Melbourne Zoo historic Carousel Park. Make sure you catch them between 22 September and 25 October. This is your final chance to see all 50 in one place at Melbourne Zoo’s Carousel Park.

The street art masterpieces will be auctioned on the 25th October 2012 at 7pm  in the Leopard Lodge in the Melbourne Zoo. You can register your interest to attend the auction via email:  I hope the Zoo gets a decent amount of money for each of the statues. Will be interesting to see where the elephants are going to be in the future.