Melbourne CBD Photographer -State Library Luxury Wedding

State Library of Victoria - Brighton International

Melbourne CBD Wedding Photographer - Creative shot in the state library (bride and groom at bottom of staircase) at a Turkish wedding in melbourne

A turkish wedding in Melbourne

The bride and groom got ready just a few houses apart. A true turkish wedding with all the bells and whistles. Lots of dancing and traditions made the morning of the unique wedding day very special. It’s was a stylish turkish wedding we photographed on this beautiful sunny day.

Luxury Weddings – Melbourne CBD Photographer – unique and creative

The luxury limousine picked the bride and bridal team up. The trip to the Melbourne CBD was nearly too fast. Its not often that you arrive even too early at a wedding – we even had some time to stop by the Carlton Exhibition Building and take a few shots.

State Library Melbourne CBD – Ceremony and Wedding Photoshoot

The ceremony happened in the luxurious surrounds of the Queen’s Hall in the State Library of Victoria on Swanston Street in the Melbourne CBD. It’s one of the most unique wedding venues in Melbourne. The State Library was also used for our photoshoot. For a Melbourne CBD Photographer it’s one of the wedding locations you just have to go to. It’s amazing to photograph here.

The State Library of Victoria has different spaces to use and we ventured to the impressive LaTrobe Reading Room, the town gallery and the red rotunda. You can hire all these spaces not only for a wedding ceremony but also the wedding function or even corporate events. It’s one of Melbourne’s most sought after event spaces. (By the way: The LaTrobe Reading room can cater for up to 500 people … ideal for a large scale event or wedding. There are not many stylish wedding and event venues in Melbourne of that size.)

It was lots of fun to photograph within the library. We had to be pretty quiet (as there were lots of people studying and reading books). This just added to the atmosphere.  The couple enjoyed the time together with their bridal team. The quick tour through the state library revealed also some interesting stairways and places usually not to be seen for the public. A true adventure and we highly recommend the venue.

After our photoshoot we left the State Library – took a quick picture outside. The amazing wedding photograph was a bit more work than it looks like as it was really busy. The bridal team held back the people leaving the library for just a few seconds to keep the space empty and we took our shot. Lucky.

Brighton International – A luxury wedding venue in Melbourne

The wedding function was a bit away in the suburb of Brighton. The Brighton International is a renown wedding venue. The ballroom can hold up to 450 seated guests – ideal for big turkish wedding. The stars are sparkling over the dancefloor and the guests have plenty of space to mingle in the foyer and courtyard – a wonderful luxurious wedding venue close to the Melbourne CBD or the Brighton beach. They also have a smaller room – the Georgian Room which we photographed at a different wedding a few weeks later.

The International of Brighton  was a great space and made it easy for any wedding photographer. A Turkish band played – the drums were on the dance floor and old and young had lots of fun … a wonderful wedding day to remember.

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