When it comes to photographing families in Melbourne, we always head for the outdoors. The light is so much nicer than in a studio setting and there are some stunning natural backdrops we can use. As family photographers, we want our clients to receive photos which are warm, beautiful and natural.

Outdoor Family Photography

It can get a little tricky with the weather when it comes to outdoor family photography. Whether the sun is shining or the rain has dampened the ground, we will adapt to, and embrace the conditions to produce the beautiful photos which you should have of your beautiful family! The sun isn’t always going to co-operate but some of our stunning photography has been produced in cloudy, windy, even rainy days.

Our favourite place for outdoor family photography is down at the beach. Kids require minimal equipment to keep them occupied at the beach as they’ll be entertained with the infinite amount of sand, seashells and seawater lapping at their feet. We’ll still suggest you take down some sand toys for your little sand-digging enthusiasts. The beach works for sunny or cloudy days. For sunny days, we avoid the harsh sun and head out at sunset for a softer, more forgiving light. If you’re lucky, the sky will be lit up in beautiful shades of orange or pink – which doesn’t always happen!

Melbourne beaches – Ideal for family photographers

For this particular photoshoot, we headed down to Half Moon Bay as it’s one of our favourite Melbourne beaches to take families down to as there is such a variety of spots to photograph at! We headed down there on a beautifully warm day at sunset, which unfortunately meant that nearly every inch of the beach was taken up! Everyone was out to enjoy the sunset as well. Fortunately, we know that to one side of Half Moon Bay, there aren’t so many people due to the rock formation there. This rock formation is fabulous for photos and it was easy to avoid the few people who were hanging around.

Explore the beach – Melbourne Outdoor Family Photography

Little Felix was kept pretty happy and occupied, constantly exploring the beach. Young children never stay still for too long, so it’s just running along with them and capturing their little antics. He was happy to occupy himself in the sand when I took some time to photograph his parents alone. When he saw that his parents were giving each other too much attention, the little character wanted in on the action too and created some very funny moments for me to capture.

Our session didn’t end there! A friend brought down his stand-up paddleboard and everyone enjoyed some time frolicking and floating around in the warm sea. Look here for more pics.

Styling a family photoshoot

Being a Melbourne family photographer, I take it upon myself to help my clients with styling. Clothing and colours are important for any chosen location to produce photos that are not only fun, but they are also stylish and harmonious. This family was kept pretty casual, and we worked around Martina’s dress when it came to styling the boys. We picked the colours from the dress and went with that. The main aim is not to clash patterns or colours. Florals and stripes clash. Too many different patterns are not great either. It all draws too much away from what the focus should be on – the family.

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Check out a few more pictures here.

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