To achieve some awesome styling for your wedding, you can either trawl through loads of magazines or websites for ideas or you could hire a wedding stylist to take the pressure off you.A stylist can create some seriously cool backdrops and props to make your day a picture perfect one. They’ll take into consideration your personalities, your colour preferences and design needs to creative something uniquely you. It really is worth looking into.

While most wedding venues will have all your table settings sorted, there’s room to make your wedding photos more awesome. Add some special touches to seperate your wedding from the rest. Styling can cost as much or as little as you want. Add one thing or go all out.

For those on a budget or would love to do things themselves, a lot of time, planning and thought is required. Start early with the planning and get lots of people to help out. Find one style which really suits you as a couple and stick to the theme throughout your whole day.

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Great wedding photography backdrop ideas

A homemade arbour for your ceremony

It’s quite lovely to have an arbour framing you during your ceremony. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. An arbour is also great for photos after the ceremony. One father-of-the-bride made his daughter a gorgeous rustic arbour for her wedding in the Dandenongs. An arbour may have flowers wrapped around it or some floaty fabric.

A pretty photo backdrop

This is a great idea instead of a photo booth. You just need to have a creative idea as to how you want one. Look through Pinterest for plenty of designs and just copy one which you love. Make sure it’s big enough for a small group of people, namely your bridal team! Your wedding guests will also love to have photos in front of it. Make the photo backdrop sparkly, floral, or as colourful as you want. Different textures make for an interesting backdrop.

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Fancy Cars

A large limousine is always fun if you have a bridal team to transport. Some fun photos can be produced inside a limousine. A hummer is a great choice or stick with the traditional one. For others, maybe some nice vintage cars which you can be chauffeured around in. It all depends on the overall styling of your wedding what cars would suit.

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Food Trucks

We’ve attended weddings where food trucks have been brought in for the catering. This gives a wedding a fun festival vibe. If you just want a touch of this, an ice cream van is just fabulous. Your guests would love it for the yummy ice cream and you’ll get some fun photos of yourselves with ice cream!

Furniture in the wild

This is such a cool idea for a photo prop. Put a couch or other chilling out furniture and put it in the middle of an open space – providing the weather is nice! You could also go low-key and set up a lovely picnic area with cushions and beautiful throws which can be just as cool. Don’t forget the champagne!

Large Letters with Lights

These are commonly in the words “LOVE” or “MR&MRS” or “JUSTMARRIED”. Whatever you want. These are effective inside or outside.

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Chinese lanterns or fairy lights all over your function area gives it a magical vibe, especially if it’s outdoors! Candles in candleholders or jars create a lovely ambience as well – just make sure they’re stored safely and can’t burn anyone or anything! Again, it’s all dependent on the weather.

Melbourne has so many different options – from beach weddings to country weddings to a stylish city wedding. There is something for everyone.

Wedding Photography Props

There are also lots of options to make your wedding photography shoot more relaxed. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and having their picture taken. Wedding Photography Props will help you to relax a bit – they give you something to do and you will forget the photoshoot.

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A few wedding photography prop ideas:

  • Take a old vintage film camera – snap some shots of your partner (or pretend to snap some shots) – you will have lots of fun. After the wedding you can develop the film and have some unique memories. Alternative take a Polaroid Instant camera and you can see the results straight away.
  • Balloons – a single white big balloon or a bunch of colourful balloons – depends on the style of your wedding. Hold on and walk along the beach.
  • Smoke bombs – want some crazy fun! Light up some colorful smoke bombs and be surrounded by smoke. You will have not much time to think about the wedding photoshoot.
  • Take some champagne glasses and a nice bottle – relax during your photoshoot and sip a glass of champagne to celebrate
  • Bring an instrument and play a song – it will melt hearts and instruments like a guitar make also good props.

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Think outside the box – some crazy ideas might be lots of fun. A wedding is something very personal and there is no right or wrong – style your wedding to your personal needs. We are happy to capture your ideas.