It is always wonderful to hold some memories of your wedding in your hand. Digital files are great and you definitely need them to share them around and quickly have a look at them. But most of the time your wedding photos will come to shine when they are beautifully presented in an album.

Melbourne Wedding Albums – fully optional

We are Melbourne Wedding photographers and all of our wedding coverages include the digital high-resolution images. All of our albums are optional and as you receive the high-resolution files there is no need to purchase an album from us. You can save money and design it yourself (we are happy to recommend you a good album printer) or use any album designer you want.

The design of the album is which is the time-consuming part. To find the matching images – colour coordinate it and tell a story with the pictures throughout the album.

Wedding Albums – A memory for a lifetime – Simple Design

An album is something you can give your parents as a present – as a little thank you and will be treasured for life. We offer Albums in a simple and minimalistic design. There is no need to book your wedding album straight away – you can always do this after your wedding.

Have a look at one sample design here (PDF Download 4MB via Dropbox)

Full size Wedding album Photography

Melbourne wedding photography album

Wedding Album from melbourne

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