Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography. A Photographers dream! The Werribee Mansion near Melbourne is just one of the most beautiful Victorian (if not Australian) wedding venues. We had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful couple at the Werribee Mansion. Lots of fun at that stylish location made it easy for us wedding photographers at the Werribee Mansion.

Werribee Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park

The Werribee Mansion is perfect for weddings. Built-in the 1870s, this Italianate mansion-turned-hotel within 4 hectares of classical gardens (oh … photographers dream) is just the perfect location.  Located in the west of Melbourne it’s easily accessible by car (plenty of car space and you might combine it with a visit to the Werribee Zoo in case you have kids).

The hotel is convenient for the bride and groom to get ready with plenty of space to enjoy yourself. Stay the night before and you will have a wonderfully relaxed wedding – enjoy the spa, the pool room & the fantastic bar and restaurant. You wedding guest might want to join you there too and book a room to be able to party on – the perfect setup for an amazing wedding party.

Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography

The Werribee Mansion Wedding photography can be very versatile. Plenty of different locations are accessible at Werribee Park. Of course, there is the stunning mansion which you usually will get for yourself for 30minutes. Enjoy and wander around. Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography is often very posed due to the short time you have at the old mansion. We always try to keep it as natural as possible. Enjoy your wedding shoot and reflect on the things which just happened. There is nothing better than walking through the old building and explore it. The steps are just magnificent and are a perfect backdrop for the wedding couple. Photographers dream location!

But the Werribee Mansion has more to offer. Werribee Mansion wedding photography is not limited to the building. You will have extensive gardens to wander around, an old glasshouse and nursery to hide. Sip a glass of champagne in the beautiful setting.

The place is just made for a beautiful outdoor ceremony with plenty of space. Photographers will also enjoy that there are plenty of trees creating shade and lots of backup possibilities in case of rain.

The hotel and restaurant offer the perfect function space and Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography is a lot of fun. Stylish rooms in the main area or even a big modern function space (with a possible outdoor dance floor) looking across the wide fields. The modern function space makes it a wonderful contrast to the old building for a stylish and chic wedding.

Photographing a stylish but relaxed wedding at the Werribee Mansion

The couple got ready in the rooms of the Werribee Mansion Hotel. It’s a bit of a challenge to not see each other before the wedding ceremony. The hotel is big enough and offers lots of space to plan this. The bridal team was paying a lot of attention to make sure the bride was not spotted by the groom beforehand.

After the outdoor ceremony in the gardens, we took the couple and the bridal team for an amazing photoshoot at the Werribee Mansion. Walking through the gardens. Exploring the old mansion. Hiding in the glasshouse. The couple looked just stunning and it was the perfect venue for the two. As wedding photographers, we loved to photograph at the Werribee Mansion which reminded us a lot to our European venues which we get to visit in the Australian winter.

As the hotel rooms were not far there was a chance to refresh before the function. The modern function building is away from the mansion and a perfect location for an outdoor party. No one around you which could be disturbed by the loud music – even outside. Fun times.

The guest partied long in the night and enjoyed the warm night. An outdoor photo booth gave plenty of opportunities to create some memories of the wedding day for the couple and the dancefloor with the fairy lights was just a dream.

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When you book your wedding at Werribee Mansion ask us about capturing your wedding … we just love Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography.